We are Atamagala

Atamagala is a traditional depiction which symbolizes eight lucky signs. The Sri Lankan Sinhala conventional wisdom holds that those who are associated with these ‘Ashta Mangala Salakunu’ are blessed with fortune. We are proud to be the foremost entity in the country that branded its business with that promising traditional name. ‘Atmagala’ therefore, is committed to cast its spell over the clientele together with its unmatchable taste for artistic creativity. We strive to make goodwill of your business fly above the rest.

By providing our clientele with a range of services we were able to prove our innovative expertise in the sphere of business cards. We are proud to be an exclusive service provider to many prestigious entrepreneurs across the globe to impress their goodwill through business cards. Their secret of success lies with our exclusive eye catching designs and themes that suit their businesses best.

On par with the circulation of our business cards the name ‘Atamagala’ became the talk of the town. Accordingly, there has been a growing interest in our business cards among many business entities in both local and the foreign markets. As such, today ‘Atamagala’ enjoys the privilege of being the most sought after premium quality business card provider.